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A fresh take on Marsala

A fresh take on Marsala

Located in the exact center of the Mediterranean Sea, lies Marsala – a coastal Sicilian town with lots of sun, little rain, and an almost-spicy, salt-air breeze that wakes up your senses while soaking in the breathtaking views.

It was here, where Manuela escaped the busy life of Rome to begin her personal, agricultural and wine journey. For years, she harvested and avidly studied winemaking from Vincenzo (winemaker of Vite Ad Ovest winery).

In 2020, “Midia” was born. Short for her grandmother’s name, Emidia, Manuela set out to make wines with love and respect for the earth. 

She teamed up with Gaia, a Sicilian native who shared her passion and wanted to make wines with great care for the earth. Their grapes are farmed organically and biodynamically and everything is harvested by hand.

Using native Italian grapes (Grillo and Frappato), these two are making wines through spontaneous fermentation (aka using the naturally occurring yeasts in the vineyard) and without any filtration. Wines that capture the freshness and simplicity of the region.

This season, we’re sipping through Bianco – a deliciously drinkable orange wine (technically 'orange' because this juice spends some time on the wonderfully savory grape skins). It’s gorgeous orange peel with a dusting of salty Sicilian sea air. Textured, and silky smooth.

Midia, Bianco >>

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