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Luigi Ferrando | Erbaluce di Caluso Cascina

Our new “crisp Italian white”

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We are forever craving and always looking for a new "crisp Italian white," of which there is no shortage. The trick is to find those gems from lesser known grape varietals that bring a little something different. And Erbaluce does not disappoint! This native grape of Piedmont, a northern region of Italy famous for big reds like Barolo and hauntingly crisp whites like Gavi, is a sizzlingly vibrant rare find. This wine takes on a “greener” version of flavors – honeydew versus cantaloupe, starfruit versus guava, white pepper versus black.

Delicious With

As you would imagine seafood is excellent with this wine! Shellfish of any kind, flakey white fish or even something buttery like sea bass.

Their Cred

A family-run winery that dates back to 1900 – Luigi Ferrando and his sons Roberto (viticulturist) and Andrea (winemaker) craft wines in the Canavese region of Italy. Located at the very edge of Piedmont, the area is known for its dramatic and steep, terraced vineyards. The family has strong roots with the local winemaking community and practices biodynamic farming. They’ve dedicated their vineyards to resurrecting and preserving local grape varieties, including the Erbaluce grape which originates from (and can only be found) in the foothills of the Carema mountains.

While they are best known for Erbaluce di Caluso, they also create a few other styles that highlight the bright and crisp nature of Erbaluce grape including sparkling, bone-dry, off-dry, and late harvest wines.

Winery   Luigi Ferrando

Type   Erbaluce

Origin   Piedmont, Italy

Alcohol   12.5%