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Happy New Year!


As we cross over in 2022, we sought out wines from people that are helping to make a change in the world. This collection honors those change-makers; the ones that are challenging the way we think about traditional wine, changing the way we plant and harvest grapes, and thinking differently about how we incorporate wine into our daily life.

Check out these new wines for a transformative step into the new year!

This Season’s Styles

GoldRedPurpleCyan36 x48

Our Winter Collection is represented by “Gold, Purple, Red, Cyan, and The Struggle Ever Renewed” from local LA artist Kevin Fey. 

Kevin Fey is a 35-year-old painter living and working in Los Angeles. Fey has spent his career developing a stylistic and conceptual union between east coast process painting and west coast light and space artwork. Raised in New York City on a diet of anything goes conceptualism and dialectical rock and roll – Kevin rejected these ontological delights for objective Truth and Beauty while pursuing the nation’s wave of creative energy Westward.

During the world’s current collective period of reflection and renewal, Fey’s practice has become further unbound – branching into Web3 engineering, NFT smart contracts, and backyard chemistry.  Fey’s paintings emerge intoxicating phantasms – formless beauty and material reality.

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