A farmer's market for wine

Each season, we introduce new wines to pair with the season's freshest ingredients and festive occasions.

We understand it's hard to find new wines unless you’re traveling through wine country or getting a recommendation from a friend. Working exclusively with small-production, family-owned wineries, we celebrate winemakers who infuse character and lots of personality into their craft.

With thousands of small wineries, we invite you to meet them, one bottle at a time.

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Our Greatest Hits

We love that you love these wines - all year long. Check out some of our (and your) favorites!


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Christine's Picks

"Picking a favorite wine is like picking a favorite child - impossible, nuanced and changes daily 😂  These are the gems on my table now, and through Thanksgiving."

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Daisy's Picks

"Two years, eight seasons, and so many delicious wines to choose from... As the weather starts to cool, here are the wines we're sipping at home as we count down to the holidays. Cheers!"

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“Guildford Green is an omakase ‘trust me’ approach that connects exceedingly good producers with people who are trying to navigate the wine aisle."

Christine Meredith, Founder