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Why Natural Wines?

Did you know that most wines use chemicals and synthetic additives?

It may surprise you that all wines are not natural wines. But, unlike most food products, wine labels don't list their ingredients which is often... more than just grapes.

Over 90% of wines sold in the US include non-natural additives to stabilize wines, enhance color or flavor, soften tannins, create texture, and more. In fact, there are over 60 legal additives - many of which are not legal in other countries.


Enter, natural wines.

Simply put, natural wines have none of that "stuff."

Through organic and biodynamic farming practices, grapes are harvested and grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Wines are vinified in small batches using yeasts that naturally occur in the vineyard instead of using inoculated yeasts. (Check out this blog post for more info on natural wines.)

Natural wines reduce chemical usage, promote biodiversity and have a positive environmental impact.

The result? Wines that are better for the earth, and better for you!


Our Mission

To support natural winemakers and connect wine lovers with delicious wine.

Inspired by a farmer's market, our wines represent the best of each season and we bring you wines that are crafted responsibly from vine to bottle.

This is our way for you to meet them, one bottle at a time.

Our Wines

Honest, interesting and delicious. Our wines are thoughtfully made, with distinct character, lots of personality, and most importantly… soul.

Fresh Picks

Our foods, styles and preferences change with the seasons - and so do our wines! A delicious reason to continually discover new wines throughout the year.

Our Winemakers

Committed to crafting wines in a sustainable and ethical manner. They are resurrecting traditional winemaking practices while exploring new styles of wine.

An Experience

Feels like a friend's recommendation. Our sommeliers describe wine the way we experience it - using relatable examples that are thoughtful and engaging.

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Fun fact

Our namesake, Guildford, is a pastoral town in England named for its 'gilded ford' – a river crossing that’s beautifully lined with marigolds.