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Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders


With over 15 years in the wine industry as a restaurant sommelier, retail wine buyer, and global wine marketer, Christine dreamed of a more welcoming way to buy wine; a shopping experience that feels more like a recommendation from a trusted friend than staring at the grocery aisle. In October 2020, Christine teamed up with Daisy, a friend and former coworker, to launch Guildford Green, a refreshing way to restock your stash with delicious, small-batch wines.

Christine is a wine description whisperer. She lives for a great dinner party and will gesture her way through any wine tutorial. With a big heart and a passion for earthly pleasures, Christine has a knack for making wine accessible… and endlessly fun.


Daisy started her career at a top ad agency and spent over a decade marketing for global brands. After earning her MBA from UCLA, Daisy entered the world of wine – working for California wineries while earning her sommelier certification. She helped create unique experiences at the wineries and found her passion for connecting with wine drinkers through tasting rooms and wine clubs.

She has a natural curiosity for wine. When she's not geeking out with Christine, she's often on an adventure with her kids or enjoying a crossword puzzle with a glass of wine in hand.