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An Italian hiking wine

An Italian hiking wine

It’s Easter and it felt like the right time to talk about Pranzegg 😉

ic: Chickens at Pranzegg's winery

In the Alto Adige region of Italy, over 90% of wine grapes are sold to wine cooperatives for bottling. Pranzegg is a rarity - growing and producing their own wines.

Martin is a third generation winemaker who converted the farm to biodynamic in 2008. He and his partner Marion use an eco-holistic approach that's not only organic, but minimizes harm to the earth and maximizes harmony among the people, plants, soil, and animals - including their bees, sheep, chickens and cats.

With everything done by hand, there are no tractors, and the wines are bottled without fining or filtration, and with minimal doses of sulphur.

The winemaking duo focuses on native Italian grapes Lagrein and Schiava. As Martin puts it, their wines “narrate the region, the scene, the year and our way of living.”

ic: Pranzegg's Vino Rosso Leggero

This season, we're a bit obsessed with their Rosso Leggero, or “light red.” The kind of wine you want to bring on a hike and crush (as in, drink quickly).

Light on its feet and low in alcohol this wine is a basket of raspberries and rose petals on a warm day.

Pranzegg, Vino Rosso Leggero >>

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