J Brix | ‘Island of Souls’ skin-contact white

The coolest wine we have rn

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This wine is cool for a number of reasons: it comes from vineyards in San Diego and it’s made from some of our favorite Italian and French grapes (Vermentino and Picpoul), and these white grapes were fermented on the skins – making this beautiful orange color and INCREDIBLY textured wine. Like peach skins in syrup – it’s surprisingly soft and scrumptious with a zip to the finish.

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Grenache Blanc, Vermentino, Picpoul


San Diego, California



Delicious With

This orange wine leans on the soft and fruity side (versus musty and earthy) – making it a great pairing for complex and layered flavors – try curry dishes, Moroccan cuisine, Ethiopian cuisine (with those spongelike pancakes called Injera), or Korean dishes with fermented kimchi (Bibimbap). Also delicious with fried chicken or sea urchin.