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Schweizer | Weisser Brunnen

Thirst-quenching orange

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Deeply satisfying - this wine hits all the thirst-quenching marks. It’s fruity with Anjou pear and preserved lemons, and also grounded after spending 2 days on the grape skins, delivering a freshly-struck-match intensity. The texture is both clean and gripping, like the fine grains of pear juice. Made with aromatic Gewurztraminer, and two hybrid grape varietals that thrive without the use of pesticides, this wine is beyond organic and insanely delicious!

Delicious With

Great with fresh cheeses like Mozzarella or Stracciatella drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper. Or try creamy pasta a limone (spaghetti tossed in fresh lemon, cream, and Parmigiano). Delicious with a curried chicken salad, or tuna Niçoise.

Their Cred

After studying "classic" viticulture for most of his life, winemaker Daniel Schweizer started his own winery in 2014 to make wine with a zero-zero approach - nothing added or subtracted, aka no pesticides, chemicals, filtering etc. His two horses, Funa and Wäldergraf, replace tractors and cultivate soil year-round - a truly ecological approach to farming.

Winery   Daniel Schweizer

Type   Gewurztraminer, Saphira, Johanniter

Sustainability   Organic

Origin   Württemberg, Germany

Alcohol   10.5%