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Triple "A" Wines - What are they?

Triple "A" Wines - What are they?

When it comes to Italian wines, the Triple "A" certification is one of the highest quality designations a wine can receive.

It started in the early 2000's when Italian wines were rapidly expanding to the global market and wines became more commercialized and homogenized to meet demand. One Italian producer Luca Gargano fought against this standardization with a movement to identify craft wines that showcased a grape variety's true character, the influence of the land, and the winemaker's personality.

The Triple A certification was given to wineries that upheld traditional, artisanal methods and honored Italy's wine heritage and identity.

Decades later, a renaissance of wine has taken place with new producers emerging to uphold the Triple A principles. Many have returned to farming and winemaking methods of their ancestors and others have converted their farms to organic and biodynamic farming practices.

What Does Triple A Stand For?

Triple A stands for "Agricoltori, Artigiani, e Artisti" which translates to "Agriculturists, Artisans, and Artists." This coveted designation highlights family-owned wineries that forgo fleeting wine trends and are true to themselves - honoring the traditional methods of Agricoltori (farming), Artigiana (crafting), and Artisti (winemaking).

It signifies that the wine is produced by a winery that uses natural winemaking methods. These typically include practices such as handharvesting grapes, organic or biodynamic farming, native yeasts, and no additives.

How does a wine receive this designation?

ic: GG Founders with Domenico (L'archetipo)

We recently met with Domenico (a 3rd generation winemaker at L'archetipo winery) who shared a bit of its history. It started with Luca's vision and a group of wine producers who gathered to identify 70 wineries from all around Italy that farmed and crafted honest wines.

Today, a group of wine associations, sommeliers, and wine critics help maintain the list by assessing and recognizing wineries based on their adherence to the "Triple A" principles of artisanal and sustainable winemaking.

What Makes These Wines Special?

Triple A wines are known for their exceptional quality, attention to detail, and unique character. These wines are often produced in limited quantities, allowing the winemakers to focus on quality over quantity. The artisanal approach to winemaking results in wines that truly reflect the terroir and traditions of the region.

Where Are These Wines Produced?

Triple A wines can be found throughout Italy, from the rolling hills of Tuscany to the sun-drenched vineyards of Sicily. Each region brings its own unique flavors and characteristics to the wines, making them a true reflection of the diverse Italian landscape.

Do you carry any Triple A Wines?

We first discovered L’archetipo in 2020 and immediately fell in love! This season we're obsessing over their Sparkling Rosé (aka Susumante). Check it out here!

ic: Francesco (Founder of L'archetipo)

Founded by Francesco, the son of a grape farmer who attended university to become a passionate agronomist. In the 80’s Francesco converted his land to organic farming, but found that the land still lacked vitality.

In 2000, he implemented biodynamic farming according to Rudolf Steiner’s cultural legacy, but after a few years he realized that it still wasn't enough.

Francesco went further and finally implemented a sustainable agriculture, in which all synergies in the ecosystem are linked, known now as Synergistic Agriculture. This incorporates organic and biodynamic agricultures, and discourages plowing, which is considered detrimental to the ecosystem.

Francesco is now at the forefront of the sustainable agriculture movement in Italy, and believes, unlike popular misconception, that living beings are not in competition but, on the contrary, they are in synergy between each other.

ic: L'archetipo is now run by Francesco and his family - including his wife Anna Maria and four children Domenico, Maria, Andrea and Carlo

Where to find more Triple A wines?

Keep an eye out for the Triple A label on the bottle. This designation ensures that the wine has been produced by a small, artisanal winery that upholds the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Additionally, these wineries often share information on their website or social media outlets about their farming practices in to help and connect with other natural winemakers.

When in Rome (or Italy), the Triple A alliance recently produced an app showing where (bars, restaurants, wine shops) to find Triple A wines.

Cin cin!

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