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View from cliffs of the famous medieval town, Dubrovnik.

Is Croatia the new Italy?

Croatia is rapidly emerging as a top destination for wine enthusiasts eager to explore tasty new wines. With a winemaking tradition that spans thousands of years, Croatia offers an impressive array of grape varieties and wine styles.

What Makes Croatian Wines Unique?

Croatia's rich winemaking heritage sets its wines apart. Boasting over 130 indigenous grape varieties, the country presents a remarkable diversity of flavors and styles that mirror its varied landscape. From crisp, refreshing whites to bold, full-bodied reds, Croatian wines have something to captivate every wine lover.

ic: Indigenous Plavac grape variety of Croatia

Exploring Croatia's Wine Regions

Croatia is home to several distinct wine regions. The coastal vineyards of Istria, the sun-drenched hills of Dalmatia, and the fertile plains of Slavonia each offer a different wine experience. Hospitable to wine tourism, Croatia welcomes visitors to tour local wineries, sample traditional wines, and learn about their winemaking process.

Top 3 Things to Know About Croatian Wines

  1. Diverse Wine Regions

    Croatia features a variety of wine regions, each with its own distinct characteristics. From the coastal region of Dalmatia, renowned for bold reds like Plavac Mali, to the continental region of Slavonia, famous for crisp whites like Graševina, there's a wine for every taste. Understanding these diverse regions can help you navigate Croatia's extensive wine selection.

  1. Indigenous Grape Varieties

    One of the most intriguing aspects of Croatian wines is the plethora of indigenous grape varieties. Grapes like Plavina, Pošip, Malvazija Istarska, and Teran are unique to Croatia and reflect its rich winemaking heritage. Exploring these native varieties offers an authentic taste of Croatian wine culture.

  2. Orange Wines and Amphora Aging

    Croatia is renowned for its production of orange wines, a winemaking style that involves fermenting white grapes with their skins. This method imparts an orange hue and adds complexity to the wine's flavor profile. Additionally, many Croatian winemakers use traditional clay amphorae for aging their wines, giving them a distinct earthy character. Understanding these techniques can deepen your appreciation of Croatian wines. Check out this blog post for more about orange wines.

Croatian wines are increasingly recognized for their unique flavors and rich history. With a treasure trove of distinctive and wildly delicious wines, Croatia promises an unforgettable journey for every wine enthusiast.

Domain Bibich | CRNOOur favorite Croatian Wine this year!

Domaine Bibich | CRNO 

This is one of those unicorn wines that stopped us in our tracks at RAW, a natural wine event in Los Angeles this year. Filip Bibić is putting his signature on the family’s wine tradition as he takes over from his father and creates a range of wines that capture the more subtle side of Dalmatian wines. Handpicked Syrah and Plavina from 20-year-old organically-grown vineyards."Crno" means black in Croatian - and the wine delivers on darkness with peppery dark-pitted cherries and black plums dripping with juice. A gorgeously long finish with a touch of mineral energy. A top 3 wine of the year!

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Domaine Bibich | CRNO
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