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Veso | Vanilla Nightfall

Goes down like a golden sunset

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Velvety, smooth, and in between dry and sweet, with a slight bitter on the finish to keep it lively. Warm spices and orange marmalade, with a burnt caramel finish. Veso is a new project (this is their first batch!) from founder and aperitif maker, Chris Beyer. He wanted to make a natural aperitif (something to sip on before dinner or after when hanging with friends) that was slightly higher in alcohol, could be mixed or served on ice, and made with COMPLETELY natural ingredients.

Delicious With

Try it straight or over ice. Love sour? Add a squeeze of lemon. Want something different? Switch up your garnish, try a grapefruit slice, an olive, or a sprig of rosemary. Ready for more? Try it over ice with a splash of bourbon or mezcal.

Their Cred

The maker of Veso, Chris Beyer, fell in love with old-world European aperitivo culture and the drinks that fueled it. But he wanted to tweak them for a modern drinker. He brings in whole fruit and spices from farms and suppliers all over California to their winery in San Francisco. Then, they infuse that into California-made white wine, resulting in a drink bursting with flavor. The drinks are crafted to be good enough to sip on their own, but are versatile enough to play well in cocktails too.

Winery   Veso

Type   Sauvignon Blanc wine base, grape spirit, vanilla bean, burnt caramel, cacao nibs, orange peel, clove, star anise

Origin   San Francisco, California

Alcohol   18.0%

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