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A non-alcoholic beverage essential

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Verjus (vert jus) which translates to ‘green juice’ in French is a vibrant, non-alcoholic, culinary ingredient made from Scribe’s Estate Pinot Noir grapes. They harvest the grapes in the summer halfway through ripening, before they accumulate too much sugar, then cold-press and bottle.  The resulting juice is a pleasantly tart,  delicately floral, and versatile kitchen essential. Amazing as a cocktail ingredient or anywhere you would use citrus or vinegar in the kitchen, from braising to finishing dishes for a jolt of brightness. 

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Pinot Noir grape juice


Sonoma, California



Our Best Advice

It’s the ingredient you didn’t know you were missing!

Delicious With

Delicious in dressings and vinaigrettes, or use this to dress a simple salad of fresh lettuces. It’s a wonderful cocktail ingredient as a substitute for citrus and very refreshing as a non-alcoholic, Verjus Spritz.

Their Cred

Scribe Winery in Sonoma, California produces vibrant, terroir-driven wines. Founded in 2007 on a property that pioneered pre-prohibition Sonoma Valley winemaking, the winery is managed by fourth-generation California farmers and brothers, Andrew and Adam Mariani. Andrew and Adam believe that the best wines are a result of a healthy relationship between man and nature, and that a vineyard managed in harmony with the greater ecosystem results in more site-specific wines that represent a sense of time and place. When vinified with non-interventionist methods, the result is a distinct wine that faithfully reflects what the vineyard naturally expresses.