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Le Clot de l'Origine | Maury Dessert Wine (500mL)

Dark cherries dipped in chocolate

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A dessert wine to top all dessert wines! Made from old vine Grenache grapes in Southern France, this plush after-dinner beauty is straight up dark cherries dipped in chocolate. The average Maury dessert wine comes in around 120 grams per liter of residual sugar; and this comes in at just over half of that amount. So for a sweet, dessert wine, this one is still restrained and goes head to head with some of the best Ruby Ports we've tried. Dark richness of coffee, cocoa and roasted nuts, all topped with black cherry reduction. Insanely delicious.

Delicious With

Stilton, or other creamy blue cheeses like Fourme d'Ambert or Gorgonzola Dolce. Dark chocolate, flourless chocolate cake, brownies, chocolate truffles, powdered donuts, berry cobbler, plum tart.

Their Cred

Winemaker Marc Barriot has been producing wines in Roussillon since 2004. He sought out ancient vines and uses traditional practices to deliver some truly distinctive wines. Marc uses biodynamic methods, even plowing by horse, and uses minimal sulfur in his winemaking. The village of Maury was most famous for producing rich dessert wines made in a fortified wine style similar to port. Generally one of the warmest regions in France, it is ideally suited for producing said dessert wines. Marc originally wasn’t interested in producing sweet wine but his wife said, "if you live in Maury you need to make a Maury." And thank goodness they did!

Winery   Le Clot de l’Origine

Type   Grenache

Sustainability   Organic

Origin   Maury, Roussillon, France

Alcohol   17.5%