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Idlewild | The Bee

White wine al fresco in Cali

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Like a punch of orange blossoms, wet stones, lemon peel, and pear. Just when the wine starts to feel intense, it turns to this rainwater-like lightness with a crisp and clean finish. This wine smells like al fresco dining – transporting you to a patio, just after the rain when the sun comes out. This blend of Italian grapes is the Cali-version of a perfect afternoon in Italy.

Delicious With

Great with traditional foods of Northern Italy like Gnocchi with pesto, Bagna Cauda (an anchovy and olive oil dipping sauce) served warm with vegetables, or a variety of seafood dishes like linguini with clams or mussels.

Their Cred

Working predominantly with Piedmontese (Northern Italian) varietals grown in Mendocino, Idlewild Wines has made a name for itself for being rooted in tradition as well as bringing in the best paradigms of "new wave" Californian wines. Growing up in the vineyards with his family, Sam approaches his winemaking with immense respect for the land, passion, and just a bit of magic that you can taste!

Winery   Idlewild

Type   Arneis, Muscat Canelli, Cortese, Erbaluce, Favorita (a.k.a. Piedmontese type of Vermentino)

Origin   North Coast, California

Alcohol   11.5%