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Coquelicot | Malbec

California’s take on an Argentinian classic

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Coquelicot (ko-klee-ko) is the French name of the striking red poppy flower that graces the French countryside, as well as this wine label. From a stunning 58 acre organic vineyard in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley, this is a Malbec unlike any other you’ve tried. Big and smooth, with a clean lift of Luxardo cherry and the silky texture of the syrup they’re floating in. Baked plum and a hint of dry sherry keep this reminiscent of the Argentinian classic, but clearly born from the California sunshine.
Delicious With

Enjoy with lamb and veggie kabobs, classic cheeseburgers, BBQ pork ribs, beef empanadas, Bolognese (veggie with lentils or traditional beef), or steak fajitas.

Their Cred

Sourced solely from their certified organic estate vineyard, Coquelicot makes natural wine that’s a true expression of varietal and vintage. During the winemaking process, they don’t use any harsh chemicals and use only using a minimal amount of sulfur - just enough to preserve the freshness of the wine. And in some cases when the pH is right, they are not using any at all. They’ve brought “minimalism” and biodynamics to the region – making authentic wine, without manipulation.

Winery   Coquelicot

Type   Malbec

Sustainability   Organic

Origin   Santa Ynez, California

Alcohol   12.7%