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L'archetipo | Greco Bianco

A beginners orange wine

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This wine is (ever so slightly) orange, from Italy, no one knows about it, and it’s so crisp and clean, that it drinks like an aperitif. For any Pinot Grigio fan looking for something new or for the orange-curious, and anyone who takes the time to smell the flowers — this jumps out of the glass with a beautiful perfume, and way overdelivers with a silky mouthfeel and crisp finish.

Delicious With

Pairs with a seafood tower. You know the fancy tower of oysters, cold-cracked crab, shrimp cocktail, urchin, clams, and bounty of the sea? You should chill this down and bring it to your next tower experience. If that’s not in the cards right now, drink with a tuna sandwich or any shrimp number you’re making tonight.

Their Cred

L'archetipo was founded by Francesco, the son of a grape farmer who attended university to become a passionate agronomist. In the 80’s Francesco converted his land to organic farming, but found that the land still lacked vitality.

In 2000, he implemented biodynamic farming according to Rudolf Steiner’s cultural legacy, but after a few years he realized that it still wasn't enough.

Francesco went further and finally implemented a sustainable agriculture, in which all synergies in the ecosystem are linked, known now as Synergistic Agriculture. This incorporates organic and biodynamic agricultures, and discourages plowing, which is considered detrimental to the ecosystem.

Francesco is now at the forefront of the sustainable agriculture movement in Italy, and believes, unlike popular misconception, that living beings are not in competition but, on the contrary, they are in synergy between each other.

Winery   L'archetipo

Type   Greco Bianco

Sustainability   Biodynamic & Organic

Origin   Puglia, Italy

Alcohol   12.5%

Our Best Advice   Enjoy your escape to the sea