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A refreshing wine alternative

A refreshing wine alternative

ic:Young Stowe & Grant Pirtle (@teddywolff)

These days, we find ourselves adding some new and interesting, non-alcoholic beverages to our drink rotation. From natural wines to teas, we cheerfully embrace the movement to drink better. And this season we're sipping through two non-alcoholic teas we discovered from Brooklyn, NY.

Founded by two friends, Young and Grant merge years of experience in beer, wine, and especially tea to showcase the potential in brewing and fermenting tea leaves.

In 2019, they founded Unified Ferments. Using only four basic ingredients their teas are made similar to a Kombucha, with a much more delicate flavor.

Wildly delicious and satisfying - here are two of their latest flavors: Jasmine green tea and wen shan bao zhong (a Taiwanese oolong tea) 👇

ic:Jasmine Green Tea & Wen Shan Bao Zhong Tea (@unifiedferments)

Jasmine Green Tea

ic:Jasmine Green Tea (@unifiedferments)

This delicate green tea is scented in the traditional style with fresh, whole jasmine buds. Deeply aromatic and floral with eucalyptus, tuberose, and green peach.

Pairs nicely with saltwater fish, rich clear broths like pho or consommé, or anything deep and mild which could benefit from a highly aromatic pairing.

Wen Shan Bao Zhong Tea

ic:WSBZ Tea (@unifiedferments)

A lightly oxidized, bright oolong tea produced in northern Taiwan. From a fourth generation tea-producing family from the Nantou region, the powdery floral notes, deep oat sweetness, and subtle salinity are the tea’s trademarks.

Pairs excellently with fresh oysters, sheep’s milk cheese, watercress sandwiches, or anything enjoyed for its fresh quality and brightness.

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