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Vincent Grall | Sancerre

Garage wine at its best

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You must like Sancerre because you found this page. And if you found this page, you must try this Sancerre. This guy, Vincent, has been making tiny amounts of Sancerre in his garage since 1999. He is the smallest producer in the region, with two employees, and still makes this stuff in his garage. This is not the Sancerre produced en masse for export, this is a super cool French guy, from the town of Sancerre, making wine because he really enjoys doing it… and drinking it. It’s OG Sauvignon Blanc from one of the most famous regions in the world.


Delicious With

This wine begs for something sour. Lemon, lime, fresh goat cheese (like the kind that makes you pucker). It’s amazing with minerals and salt too – think briny oysters or bottarga. This wine is like licking a river stone dipped in citrus, so any food that comes to mind with that visual will work. It can pierce through oil like a perfect salad dressing blend, so don’t be afraid to serve this with a rich salmon or sea bass. Enjoy!

Their Cred

Grall has been quietly making tiny amounts of Sancerre from just 9 acres of vines since 1999. Although not certified, the vineyard soils are worked manually and organic treatments are used. The intention is to work as naturally as possible, in both the vineyards and the cellar to highlight the famed silex and marl soils of the region. Grall is a two-person operation to this day - this guy is as real as they come!

Winery   Vincent Grall

Type   Sauvignon Blanc

Sustainability   Organic

Origin   Sancerre, France

Alcohol   13.0%

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