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Villalobos | Silvestre

Velvety 80 year old Chilean vines

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A very special wine made with 80 year old forgotten vines in Chile. The Villalobos family has kept the vines in their naturally wild state, allowed to climb and crawl freely up neighboring trees building a natural canopy, some measuring 20 feet above ground! Harvesting these beauties is a feat, but well worth the effort. This concentrated, but delicate, velvety, round wine is quite lively with hints of cherry, strawberry, and a punch of wild rhubarb.

Delicious With

Complements Mediterranean flavors well - think grilled eggplant, onions, squashes, and mushrooms. beef brisket, roasted pork, spicy lamb meatballs, grilled meats, and game dishes. You can also try slightly chilling this Carignan to cut through the fat and smoke of barbecued meats.

Their Cred

The Carignan grapes used to make this wine are sourced from 80-year-old, dry-farmed vines. Located in the Lolol Valley, these untrained, ungrafted bush vines have been kept entirely in their wild state by the Villalobos family. The vineyard hosts a wide variety of native species of Chilean flora and fauna such as culen, maiten, quillay and hawthorn trees and sweet briar that help keep the vines free of pests and disease. Vines grow freely and climb nearby trunks for support, some grow so high they tower twenty feet above the trees.

Winery   Villalobos

Type   Carignan (80 year old vines)

Sustainability   Organic

Origin   Colchagua Valley, Chile

Alcohol   12.0%