Guildford Green Signature Apron

Comfortable, stylish, and made in LA

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Since we’re spending time in the kitchen these days, we want to share with you our favorite apron!

This apron is 100% linen and hand crafted in Los Angeles by domecíl, a brand dedicated to appreciating the thoughtfully made and supporting traditions.

Linen is an amazing natural fiber fabric. 30% stronger than cotton, with high moisture absorbency, it is hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly, using less water and chemicals in its cultivation. With the proper care your linen aprons can last for generations and we hope they do!

Durable, functional and beautiful, our Guildford Green short bistro apron comes in a soft, sturdy linen. It features two roomy front pockets to safely store what you need and doubles as a dishtowel to wipe hands or surfaces. It’s honestly the only apron you need and your new best friend in the kitchen.

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100% Linen


Los Angeles, California

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Meet your new best friend in the kitchen