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Domaine de Pallus | 'Les Pensées' Chinon

Let’s talk about Cab Franc

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We should all be talking more about Cabernet Franc! Pronounced /frank/, as in the memorable wedding planner from Father of the Bride. Frankly, or francly 😉, this is a beautiful alternative to the hordes of Cabernet Sauvignon (no disrespect!) available. It’s grippy and satisfying, but stays light on its feet. Flooded with big cheery, cherry juice and a bit of green bell pepper, there is a freshness that is both gentle and austere. The flagship cuvée 'Les Pensées' represents a blend of the small family estate’s soils. It’s like a friendly Bordeaux.

Delicious With

Such a delicious wine with food! Roasted pork, beef burgers, meatballs in tomato sauce, lamb gyros. Or go more veggie with roasted beets, asparagus, peas, or vegetarian bean chili.

Their Cred

Domaine de Pallus is an old family estate that exploded into international fame in 2003, when the prodigal son returned from Spain to reinvigorate the Domaine. Bertrand Sourdais had become a wine-world superstar with his Ribera del Duero project, Atauta. But he always believed his native Chinon had the same potential, and he set about to prove it. He converted all farming to biodynamics and adapted wine-making to promote precision and cleanliness--but also the village’s ancient traditions. His wines were good from the beginning, and they've been getting better every vintage.

Winery   Domaine de Pallus

Type   Cabernet Franc

Sustainability   Biodynamic

Origin   Chinon, Loire, France

Alcohol   14.0%