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Bietighöfer | Riesling 1L

A sunshine sipper or spritzer

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This liter of dry Riesling is deliciously refreshing with a tangy mouthwatering, Lemonhead effect, with crunchy green apple and a grapefruit punch.

And for a fun, sunny-day treat, we’re going crazy and can't get enough of a traditional spritzer from the Pfalz region in Germany! Just mix 4 parts Riesling, 1 part sparkling water for the perfect afternoon sipper. Serve in a dimpled pint glass (strategically dimpled to help grip the glass after enjoying oily sausages and meats) for a refreshing combo.

Delicious With

Traditional Germain fare is perfect for this zippy wine! Bratwurst and croute, pigs in a blanket, French fries or potatoes and creamy dip of choice. Or keep it light with salads and citrusy dressing, grilled white fish, or lemony pasta with a touch of cream.

Their Cred

Easily our favorite new producer! This young winemaker, Stefan, grew up in the wine world and butted heads with his father over all aspects of the growing and making of wines from their family estate in Germany. Pissed off and determined, Stefan went to France, specifically Burgundy and Alsace, to study winemaking. When he returned, the quarrels continued and he agreed to take over the family business, only if he could radically change and control the entire operation. He converted the vineyards to fully biodynamic and shifted to a natural, hands-off approach in the winery. “Hats off to you Stefan” because these are some of the best wines we have tasted all year!

Winery   Bietighöfer

Type   Riesling

Sustainability   Biodynamic

Origin   Pfalz, Germany

Alcohol   12.5%