St. Laurent Rosé

Ziniel St. Laurent Rosé

Pink grapefruit fizz

It’s uncanny how closely this wine resembles freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice - California pink grapefruits, freshly picked so you can smell the citrus oil the moment it breaks from the tree, then cut open and hand-juiced so your fingers smell like grapefruit rind for days. Then, with a touch of fizz. There is a mild ripeness to Ruby Red grapefruits that almost reads sweet amongst all that citrus zip; an earthy softness that cuts the sting. This is the mostly uniquely perfect dry and fizzy rosé.


St. Laurent


Burgenland, Austria



Our Best Advice

Choose a natural pink fizz this year

Delicious With

All sorts of delicious cheese, charcuterie, and all the yummy extras on a good platter: dried fruit, nuts, and pickled goodies. Beautiful with seared seafood like scallops (wrapped in bacon for a real treat of a pairing), albacore tuna, and any of the more buttery and savory preparations like salmon or seabass.

Their Cred

The Ziniel family describes themselves in the most eloquent way: 

We are at the lowest point in Austria, so nothing moves without being pushed. We, too, are here completely at peace and in the center of the universe. This is due to the innate fascination for the vast landscape with 360 degrees all-round visibility and 180 degrees of sky. In that sense, we’re more Buddhists than Rolling Stones. This also shapes our wines, which tell about it in their very own way. Depending on the origin and gradation, very simple and down-to-earth, straight and typical or stubborn, unmistakable and free.” 

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