Ziniel Muskat

Grapefruit fizz

You know those small yellow grapefruits that come into season around January/February? The variety is called oro blanco and they are some of the best damn grapefruits you’ll ever try. The flavor is so distinct and this dry wine is identical, plus a little fizz – slight tropical note, really zesty, with not a trace of pink or red fruit – the taste is so distinctly ‘white citrus’ that if you close your eyes and smell this wine, it’s as if a white grapefruit peel is twisting right before you.

This special, organic wine was harvested half in 2019 (using carbonic fermentation), half in 2020 (using regular or ‘mash’ fermentation) and blended in December 2020.

PS. Oro blancos are a hybrid, a cross between a pomelo and grapefruit. Oro blanco means ‘white gold’ in Spanish. Its skin is thick and yellow, almost seedless, juicy, and sweet. It does not taste bitter or acidic at all, and is quite delicious.


Gelber Muskateller


Burgenland, Austria



Our Best Advice

The perfect cocktail hour wine

Delicious With

Great with salty or picked foods, olives, potato chips, cured meats like prosciutto or bresaola, or any salty or tart cheese like Pecorino or Parmigiano Reggiano. Also, for a knock out and obvious pairing, serve alongside a salad or recipe that calls for grapefruit for a really fun, seasonal flavor experience.

Their Cred

The Ziniel family describes themselves in the most eloquent way:

We are at the lowest point in Austria, so nothing moves without being pushed. We, too, are here completely at peace and in the center of the universe. This is due to the innate fascination for the vast landscape with 360 degrees all-round visibility and 180 degrees of sky. In that sense, we’re more Buddhists than Rolling Stones. This also shapes our wines, which tell about it in their very own way. Depending on the origin and gradation, very simple and down-to-earth, straight and typical or stubborn, unmistakable and free.”

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