Women Winemakers

Women Winemakers

Inspiring wines from women around the world

These gorgeous red wines are made by women winemakers in California, Oregon, and South Africa.

Say When | Pinot Noir - Big, rich cola flavors on this classically California Pinot Noir. Tons of dark berry, cocoa, and cinnamon in a fountain vanilla Coke.

Leah Jorgensen | “Tour Rain” Rouge - Uncommonly fresh, full of energy, and the perfect balance of fruit, grip, and zest. When you don’t know what to drink… drink this! Leah is that Oregon hippy type that’s wildly smart, entertaining, and mind-bendingly talented.

Aslina | Umsasane - Everything you want in a big, smooth red wine - it shows layers of fruit, spice and cocoa. As South Africa’s first black female winemaker, Ntsiki Biyela has forged a path to become one of the most recognized names in the world of wine.

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