Winter 3-Pack
Something Sweet

Winter 3-Pack Something Sweet

Dangerously delicious

Sweet wines are not just for dessert. These wines range from just-a-hint to sticky-sweet. They pair beautifully with crazy spicy food, complement strong, pungent cheeses, and work as a sunset cocktail. Also great with dessert, of course.

Chateau Soucherie, Clos de Perrieres is perfect with crazy hot Thai or Indian dishes, or anything with some serious heat. The sweetness balances out the spicy flavors, cooling off the palate and readying it for the next bite.

Old Westminster, You Are My Sunshine is only 5% alcohol, making it the perfect cocktail spritzer. It’s both tart and sweet and got a bit of fizz to keep everything light as sunshine. 

Bruno Verdi Sangue di Giuda “Paradiso” is liquid happiness when you taste the sweet, slightly fizzy, red nectar from this bottle. Start the meal with this to counter any salty snacks or end the meal as a dessert in itself. Or, have this along with anything chocolate and swoon!

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