Winter 3-Pack
Cold Weather Wines

Winter 3-Pack Cold Weather Wines

The hygge wines

These wonderfully smooth red wines will help calm your senses, ground you, and satisfy that need for something warmer. We’ve chosen an elegant Syrah, a wildly rich Petite Sirah, and an earthy Tempranillo as our picks for colder temps and couch time.

Samuel Louis Smith Syrah is a get-in-bed, snuggle-by-the-fire, drink-with-something-from-the-slow-cooker kind of wine.

Theopolis Petite Sirah is a legendary wine that wraps around your tongue like a soft weighted blanket. It’s like drinking a dry cherry cola. Pairs with barbeque and smokey flavors.

Bodegas Tempore Generación 76 is a dusty, chewy, old-vine treasure. It’s sage and warming and may give you some grandmotherly advice. 

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The Winter Collection

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