Pinot Noir

Windchaser Pinot Noir

A quintessential cherry cola California Pinot

Both lighter in weight and rich with flavor, this wine is sumptuous. California’s powerful sun slowly ripens these grapes to their peak punchiness. The cool ocean air keeps everything brisk. Pinot Noir is one of those grape varieties that you really need to spend a little more on. The grape is finicky to grow and does best in some of the most highly sought after vineyards in the world – think Burgundy, Sonoma, Willamette Valley, Oregon. But, when this thin-skinned grape finds its right place, the wine can reach magical heights.


Pinot Noir


Anderson Valley, CA



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An upgrade to your weeknight wine routine

Delicious With

Pinot Noir is considered a real foodie wine – it has satisfying umami flavors, so when pairing, try to match with foods that have a similar rich or satisfying mid-palate (the place on the tongue where we taste the umami flavor). Salmon or any other richly-oiled fish, pâté, mushrooms, or anything truffle.

Their Cred

Windchaser is a working urban winery and tasting room that produces small lots of wine from a range of California wine regions. The urban winery in Berkeley, California tends to have a little more punk rock/DIY attitude than your typical winery. The name Windchaser comes from winemaker Dave Gillford’s interest in windsurfing, surfing and years of traveling the world looking for, or being pushed by, the wind. Dave’s interest in food and wine started at a young age while growing up in South Africa. He studied Hotel and Restaurant Management at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. Having spent the first 15 years of his professional life managing restaurants from New York City to San Francisco, Dave left the restaurant industry to focus on wine, taking a position at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant. Dave’s fascination with wine grew exponentially after being given the opportunity to work a harvest for A Donkey & Goat winery a few years later. With minimal intervention as a mindset, Dave is crafting some very honest and generous wines.

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