Weingut Freitag
Naked Friday

Weingut Freitag Naked Friday

Triple berry cobbler filling (without the sugar)

Dark fruit, with a touch of grip, loads of crushed berry fun! The insides of a triple berry cobbler with no sugar added. Like a dark cherry date night, this wine walked in very serious, but came ready to party.  It’s big and full at first and bursting with tart jam flavor, then it all drifts away, it’s dry but so juicy, and begs you to come back again for another sip, and another, and well… that’s how we get to a naked Friday 😜

Serve chilled




Pfalz, Germany



Our Best Advice

Crack this open any night, but especially Friday

Delicious With

Traditionally this wine is paired with grilled meats, savory wild game dishes (like venison, pheasant, wild boar) and a wide variety of cheeses from soft to hard and aged. Since this wine has relatively low tannins and a super soft mouthfeel, it’s a nice complement to salty, sour, spicy, or strong flavors.

Their Cred

Winemaker Philipp Freitag is new to the wine scene. He finished his viticulture training in 2016 and has since been named one of the best winemakers in the Rheinhessen (region of Germany). He strictly follows low-intervention practices and loves to show his experimental and hands-off approach to wine. He lets the wine naturally do its thing – he just helps it show up to the party.

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