Vin de California

Vin de California Violette

A wildly exciting Zin nouveau

Violette is a study in how alive wine can taste. This jumps out of the glass like an old friend from college. (It literally jumps – open carefully, this wine has bubbles.) Embraces you, screaming and recounting wild stories from past and present. Wine that is living to its fullest, taking inspiration from every country it’s been to, and bringing home a strange accent and some new questionable fashion styles. Carbonic Zinfandel (made in a spontaneous way that makes a candy-flavored, less tannic wine), with a zip, not quite a fizz, meant to be drunk fast and cold. It will be like a dream you thought was real. Here only for a short time, but impossible to forget! Drink chilled.


Zinfandel (Carbonic)


Pasadena, California



Our Best Advice

Jump on this if it sounds like your jam – very limited production!


Sold out

Delicious With

A fresh wine like this will complement fresh flavors and short cooking methods. Seared fish, pizza from a blazing hot oven, and charred meats will match the vibrant brightness of this wine. Will work well with raw foods that taste naturally sweet – thin-sliced root vegetables with olive oil and salt.

Their Cred

Founded in 2016 in Los Angeles by Kate and Adam Vourvoulis, Vin de California is deeply rooted in their California history. They make wines from heritage varieties in a totally natural way. This wine is spontaneously fermented, totally organic, and made with absolutely no sulfur.

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