Vin de California

Vin de California Arrakis

A study in Rosé texture

Made similarly to a Portuguese field blend Rosé or chilled red, this wine uses a co-fermented and traditional way of making aromatic wines. A blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes fermented to create a truly unique texture and flavor. Is it a Rosé? A lighter chilled red? Not sure it matters. After so many Rosés from Southern France, this wine is a welcome change in Rosé texture. It’s fuller, and still delicate – you have to try it to understand.


Chardonnay & Pinot Noir


Central Coast, California



Our Best Advice

Take notice of the jewel-like color

$ 26

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Delicious With

SALMON – unreal!

Their Cred

VDC is a very curious project by husband and wife team, Kate and Adam Vourvoulis. Arrakis is their first release and has us very interested in what is coming next! Farmed by famed self-taught winemaker Mike Sinor, using meticulous organic practices, these grapes are pure as can be. They use only native yeast to ferment - meaning the indigenous yeast varieties already present in the vineyard and barrel room. There are no additions, it’s bottled without filtration, and uses very minimal sulfites just to ensure stable bottling.

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