Val de Mer
Bourgogne Blanc

Val de Mer Bourgogne Blanc

Crisp like a baby ‘Chablis’

This wine is the perfect restaurant wine – like when you just feel like a really good glass of white wine, that will go with pretty much everything. It’s something a classic Chardonnay fan would like. And a wine for the Chardonnay skeptic, anyone who feels like wine should be both refreshing and flavorful. Made by a winemaker obsessed with Chablis (very northern and colder part of Burgundy) and the uniqueness of each vineyard, Patrick Piuze has managed to make a very special wine like this accessible.




Burgundy, France



Our Best Advice

It’s hard to find a better value

Delicious With

There is a brightness to this wine so pairing it with anything tangy will match the acidity in the wine and bring out the fruit character more. Try with fresh goat cheese, grilled shrimp scampi with loads of fresh lemon, or chicken picatta with a light lemon butter sauce. To match the savory richness of the wine, try a creamy pâté, a rich smoked trout dip, or pungent bloomy rind cheeses.

Their Cred

Patrick Piuze and his winery Val de Mer are known for hand-harvesting and naturally making wine with native yeasts. The winery is in the village of Tonnerre, in Chablis. It is an above-ground cellar, so the wines take the temperature of the season during aging. Val de Mer is a traditional Chablis winery in the way that the wines are bottled, favoring a broad representations of each vineyard, and a ‘classic’ wine profile from the region. This Val de Mer, is an entry level Villages wine that drinks like a more expensive Chablis.

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