Folias de Baco
Uivo Renegado

Folias de Baco Uivo Renegado

Tradition meets modern chilled red

One of our favorite wines this season! Both experimental and born of tradition, winemaker Tiago Sampaio makes this traditional field blend with 25 different red and white grapes. The wine goes through carbonic fermentation with indigenous yeasts, creating this wildly aromatic, light-bodied wine that explodes with punchy flavor. Unfiltered, this wine also retains an incredible texture. Tiago’s passion for science and his grandfather’s traditional approach pour into this energetic wine. Drink chilled. 


Malvasia, Rabigato, Tinta Roriz (Blend of 25 different red and white native grapes)


Douro, Portugal



Our Best Advice

Great for Pinot Noir fans

Delicious With

With the lower tannins and zippy acidity, this wine is great with saltier foods – charcuterie, salty cheeses, smoked salmon, jerky. Also, try it with lots of dried lemony herbs like sumac (in Mediterranean foods) and sorrel (common in French and Vietnamese dishes). 

Their Cred

Tiago Sampaio is the innovative young winemaker of Folias de Baco, a project started in 2007 that one could say was spearheaded in his childhood piggybacking on his grandfather through the farms and vineyards, always curious and plucky, willing to experiment at every step of the way. It was this incurable fascination that led him into agricultural studies at Santo Tirso and then five years of university in Vila Real. It wasn’t until an agricultural engineering course which opened the doorway for his PhD studies in Oregon for Viticulture and Enology. It was here that Tiago picked up on modern philosophies and aesthetics of winemaking, while never forgetting his roots in the Douro and returning to create his estate that has garnered much attention since. 

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