Trail Marker Wine Co
Rosé of Carignan

Trail Marker Wine Co Rosé of Carignan

The best à midi Rosé

This producer is too good and too exciting not to try! Their wines are precise in a way that is calming, if that makes sense. There is nothing askew, nothing out of place. Every bit of their wines is exactly as it should be. This Rosé drinks like it’s made with the freshness of glacial snow – it’s so fresh and a bit spicy it’s the perfect a midi vibe we are looking for. Beautiful subtle fruit, tons of river stone minerality, and a dry crisp finish. 




Mendocino, California



Our Best Advice

Imagine you just hopped off the slopes for a refreshing cocktail wine

Delicious With

Butternut squash (or kabocha, acorn or any winter squash you can find), roasted or as a soup is beautiful with this wine. As are sweet potatoes, charred in the oven until they caramelize with a crust. Simple roast chicken, or pork chops, with greens like kale or collards for the perfect light, meal with this stunningly crisp wine.

Their Cred

Drew, the winemaker, is a purist who likes wines that are well-balanced and have a “certain something” about them that defies description. Over the years Drew has created wines for many well respected wineries but after he married Emily, she convinced him it was time they create their own wine. No mortgage. No kids. Let’s do it! Trail Marker was born. They source fruit from small, responsibly farmed and passionately cared for vineyards from Mendocino to Santa Ynez and everywhere in between. Their winemaking style allows them to makes wines that are high acid, low alcohol — well balanced expressions of excellent vineyards. 

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