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Stony Hill Riesling

Like silk sheets

Riesling traditionally hails from cooler regions in Germany, Austria, New York, or Washington State. It’s typically lower in alcohol (as the grapes develop less sugar) and made into a slightly sweeter style to balance the bracing acidity of the grape. In a warmer region, like Napa, Riesling gets ripe enough to balance the acid, without having to leave too much residual sweetness. It’s just pure rich, fleshy, stone fruit. Although this wine does have a residual sugar content of 1% or below, you can’t taste it. It just comes off as super smooth and creamy. This wine has a detectable fat, in the way a really creamy cow’s milk cheese can taste sweet with butter fat.

**Serve Chilled**




Napa, California



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Delicious With

This is gorgeous with cheese. It matches creamy, oozy, bloomy rind cheeses. It can stand up to pungent, orange, wash rind cheeses. It’s a beautiful contrast to a spicy bleu cheese and surprisingly sweet with a tart goat cheese. So many other foods pair well with this, but it’s remarkable with cheese. 

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