Holler Red Blend

Sparkman Holler Red Blend

Liquid chocolate

This wine is like chocolate. But, like the good kind, with a high percentage of Cacao. There is no sweetness, but also no bitterness. Feels like velvet on your tongue.  This is the kind of wine that tastes the way you always thought a good wine was supposed to taste before you had ever had a good one. And then you had this one and you were like ‘Bing’. It’s perfectly smooth and rich. 


Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc


Columbia Valley, Washington



Our Best Advice

A great wind-down wine

Delicious With

This wine has big tannins, the soft, not astringent kind. Delicious on its own for binge streaming, but food-wise it wants to hang with smooth, buttery, rich things. Think - braised short ribs, anything that falls off the bone. Really amazing with Mole.  For vegetarians, this is super good with mushrooms (and cream if you’re into dairy).

Their Cred

Located in the Warehouse District of Woodinville, Washington, Chris and Kelly Sparkman have a uniquely small family operation in a region with many larger producers. The pair sources from some of the state’s foremost vineyards - the majority on Red Mountain. Chris Sparkman spent two decades as a sommelier and wine buyer in some of the country’s best restaurants: Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, Michael’s in LA, Todd English’s Olives in DC and Mackay Restaurants in Seattle. Winemaker Linn Scott is a Seattle native who has worked in the Washington wine industry since 2001. He attended school in France and Germany earning a Master’s degree in Viticulture and Enology and worked his first harvest with Sparkman Cellars in 2010.

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