Tangerine Dream

Smallfry Tangerine Dream

An unfiltered “baby” orange

This very legit orange wine is unfiltered and spontaneously fermented - from an organic and biodynamic producer who’s fully immersed in farming a few rare and wonderful grape varieties in the Barossa Valley. These vineyards are likely the last to have plantings of Pedro Ximénez (popular in Spain), Sémillon and Riesling grape varieties in the whole Valley. The majority of these vines pre-date World War I and this wine showcases why they are special and worthy of reinvention. This wine was fermented on the skins (which gives it orange color and an earthy, layered and complex flavor). Lots of citrus peel with a brown rice finish. It’s rustic and bright, without too much of the funk some orange wines possess.


Sémillon, Pedro Ximénez, Riesling, Roussanne, Muscadelle


Barossa Valley, Australia

Our Best Advice

Orange is the new Rosé

Delicious With

There is both a brightness and a rustic brown rice husk component to this wine – making it an interesting pairing with any grain-based dishes (farro, rice, quinoa) and anything with a bitterness like dark, leafy greens or the bright, bitter oil of a citrus peel. It could be the unfiltered nature of this wine, but we’re feeling rustic, country-style cuisine with this one.

Their Cred

Suzi Hilder and Wayne Ahrens have built a partnership in life and in business. Farming and making small-lot natural wines in the Barossa Valley, Australia, their wines are meant to be an old-world expression of their vineyards. Their wines have little to no alterations, use natural fermentation, and employ old, rustic winemaking which result in wildly foodie-friendly wines.

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