Summer 3-Pack
Rosé Trio II

Summer 3-Pack Rosé Trio II

Three different styles to cool you off

When it’s hot outside (a.k.a. blazing hot like right now), we love sipping on styles with some cooling spunk. This incredible line up features an elegant California Rosé, a light Italian sparkling Rosé, and a dynamite Rosé of Cabernet Franc. All are natural or biodynamic - not only delicious, but part of a growing movement to restore vitality to the vineyards and the wine experience.

L’Archetipo, Sparkling Rosé - explosive, red berry fruit wrapped in rose petals, bursting with tiny, soft bubbles in a clean, vibrant, energetic beverage that keeps you coming back for more.

Fernweh, Trinkvergnügen Rosé - hibiscus tea, rose petals, crushed strawberry and summer herbs (basil so fresh your fingers stain with aroma).

Trail Marker, Rosé of Carignan - so fresh and a bit spicy, it drinks like it’s made with fresh, glacial snow. Beautiful subtle fruit, tons of river stone minerality, and a dry crisp finish. 

Our Best Advice

Stock up to get you through the warmer months.

Delicious With

These three wines are all very different but offer a nice alternative that is both refreshingly chilled and bursting with flavor. Pair with finger foods on the patio like cheese and charcuterie boards, chips and salsa or guac, or whatever you have in the pantry to snack on while you sip. These rosés are versatile, so it’s nice to keep them chilled and ready for when you need to cool off.

Summer Wine Styles

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