Holiday 3 Pack | Rosé Bouquet II

Holiday 3 Pack | Rosé Bouquet II

Like Rosé? Send a whole bouquet!

This tribute ‘bouquet’ shows the beautiful range of rosé styles for a wine too good not to sip on all year round. Rosé is a whole category of wines that can be made from any red grape (and even some whites too) - and these 3 really show up to show a delectable diversity.

Liquid Farm, Rosé – This wine taste like it’s been bottled right from the earth.  Apricot plucked right from the tree, earthy peach skins, and berries from a briar.

Jumbo Times | First Timers - Watermelon rind and just under-ripe strawberry. It’s like Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice and maybe even some Wild Raspberry Sour Straws on the finish, with a refreshing wave of liveliness and enough fruit to let you know this was grown in the California sunshine.

Birds of Passage, Rosé - Dark cherries and clotted cream topped with freshly grated nutmeg. A holiday rose to be both savored and devoured with loads of inspired cooking.

This Season’s Styles

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