Holiday 3 Pack | Party With Red Wines

Holiday 3 Pack | Party With Red Wines

The ultimate pack of crushable reds

This pack of reds will satisfy all party-goers. A punchy-style chilled red, a big smooth Italian blend, and a darker Spanish red that drinks like a big Pinot Noir or skews lighter when chilled.

So Far Out, Chilled Red - A mash-up of Malbec and Riesling (huh?!) and it makes a fantastic chilled red. This makes for an herbal, punchy, crushable red wine - perfect for a party.

L’archetipo, Rosso - A smooth, supple, tasty, earthy, dusty red from Southern Italy that WAY over delivers for the price. It’s in a liter bottle, which means 1-2 extra glasses of wine per bottle.

Dominio del Urogallo, La Fanfarria - Big and inky in color, round and full in the mouth, then bursting with new young fruit, a fresh-picked kind with a certain vibrant, high-tone flavor to it. Imagine biting into a candy covered stone blackberry. You just need to try this one to understand!

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