Spring Gift Set
Cab Franc Trio

Spring Gift Set Cab Franc Trio

Wins the ‘most-interesting’ wine gift award

A gift for the wine-geek, the self-proclaimed wine-snob. It’s the gift you give the wine person in your life who has ‘tried it all’. Cabernet Franc made three different ways from a husband-and-wife team who could not be more obsessed with this one grape variety (they only make Cab Francs!)

Halcyon, Cabernet Franc (White) - It’s this whole new flavor experience. This tastes like a crafted cocktail made by a hipster bartender when you order ‘something delicious, but not sweet. A citrusy drink, with tons of lime and a kick to it’. 

Halcyon, Rosé - This wine is a masterful California flavor profile – it’s jalapeño, green pepper, strawberry salsa. Kinda like a poblano wrapped in rose petals. 

Halcyon, Cabernet Franc (Red) - This wine is perfect for traditional Cabernet Sauvignon fans, who are looking for something new: a tad ‘brighter’, not necessarily ‘lighter’, wine for the warmer months. 

Gift Included

This wine kit includes a complimentary 100% linen cloth, handmade in Los Angeles. Our signature Furoshiki wrap is an elegant way to wrap gifts or accent the home as a tea towel, cloth napkin, or placemat. No promo code needed. Enjoy! 

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