Holiday 3 Pack | The Cool Kids

Holiday 3 Pack | The Cool Kids

For the hardcore, natural-wine fans

Get funky with this pet nat, Chilean chilled red, and cider + wine blend that will rock your earthy natural socks off. All great wines for apps and chats. Break out these wines for your hippest wine friends this season.

Ziniel, Muskat - This dry, slightly fizzy, organic wine is so distinctly oro blanco (some of the best damn grapefruits ever) or ‘white citrus’ that if you close your eyes and smell this wine, it’s as if a white grapefruit peel is twisting right before you. Zesty and perfectly right for the season.

Old Westminster, Take Me Home - This blend of cider made from local apples and a red grape called Chambourcin, is meant to drink all day long. Earthy, with a slight punch, a light fizz, and a dry finish. Like heirloom tree fruit with some funk.

Bojo do Luar, Deu Bode - It’s the perfect chilled red as a cocktail or lighter, refreshing drink at sunset. It jumps out of the glass with candied dark fruit, sweet berry, and spice. It’s bright, juicy, and mouthwatering.

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