Holiday 3 Pack
California Classics

Holiday 3 Pack California Classics

Fancy wine for fancy friends

This highly giftable box of wines is perfect for those that love classic California wines, from well-known regions. A silky smooth Chardonnay, a luscious Sonoma Cabernet, and a Pinot Noir from the now world-famous region of Sta. Rita Hills.

Samuel Louis Smith, Chardonnay - Chardonnay fits the bill this time of year and this one is stunning. It’s like snowfall in the moonlight – it’s deep and intense, but alluringly bright. Indulge in this beautiful wine and we promise, you will be hooked.

Hawkes, Cabernet Sauvignon - This is a collector’s wine for the purist. This wine is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and that’s surprisingly rare for a top end Cab. That’s reason #1 of about 100 to fall in love with this bottle and producer.

Say When, Pinot Noir - Big, rich cola flavors on this classically California Pinot Noir. Tons of dark berry, cocoa, and cinnamon in a fountain vanilla Coke. Balanced with an earthiness like dried autumn leaves, this dark rich Pinot is wildly satisfying.

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