Holiday 3 Pack
California Favorites

Holiday 3 Pack California Favorites

From our ‘Best Hits’ collection

These three wines have made it into our ‘Best Hits’ collection - a list of wines we (and you!) just can’t get enough of. Giftable to any wine lover, it’s hard to beat these classic flavor profiles from outstanding winemakers.

Sean Thackrey, Pleiades - This wine smells like 13 layers of dried fruit, spice, and always a hint of eucalyptus. Close your eyes and you can picture the flavors, one on top of the other. It’s what a red blend should be – wildly complex from the different ingredients or grape varieties in this case. 

Smith Story, Sauvignon Blanc – This Sauvignon Blanc manages to capture everything we love about this variety. It’s bursting with fruit,  has minerality and earthiness, and still manages to show tropical fruit and tart, mouth puckering, thirst quenching acidity). It’s satisfyingly complete.

Hunt & Harvest, Cabernet Sauvignon A collaboration between Long Meadow Ranch (the acclaimed farmstead restaurant and winery in Napa Valley) and female winemaker, Lisanne Leask, is a foodie dream. Like crushed black cherry with a touch of mocha and nutmeg. It’s layered and textured with just a hint of vanilla – a huge finish that will wow any Cab fan.

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