Holiday 3 Pack | California Picks

Holiday 3 Pack | California Picks

Local and lovable favorites

Featuring wines from our ‘Greatest Hits’ collection - wines we (and you!) just can’t get enough of. Giftable to any wine lover, it’s hard to beat these classic flavor profiles from outstanding winemakers.

Smith Story, Sauvignon Blanc – This Sauvignon Blanc manages to capture everything we love about this variety. It’s bursting with fruit,  has minerality and earthiness, and still manages to show tropical fruit and tart, mouth puckering, thirst quenching acidity). It’s satisfyingly complete.

Say When, Pinot Noir - Big, rich cola flavors on this classically California Pinot Noir. Tons of dark berry, cocoa, and cinnamon in a fountain vanilla Coke. Balanced with an earthiness like dried autumn leaves, this dark rich Pinot is wildly satisfying.

L’Arge D’Oor, Red Blend - vanilla scented berry cobbler, with a Port-like kick. This wine spent extra time soaking on the skins, creating a more concentrated and intense wine. Perfect for any red wine fan.

This Season’s Styles

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