Sean Thackrey

Sean Thackrey Orion

A wine as mysterious as the stars

For any Petite Sirah fan, or lovers of big, rich, ripe wines that fill the glass like a fountain of crushed red fruit. Although dry, this wine drinks more like an after-dinner drink, or a strong port than a table wine. Perfect with a big book and a cigar – or possible just the company of the stars. Since 1992, this flagship wine from winemaker Sean Thackrey, comes entirely from the 5-acre Rossi vineyard in St. Helena, planted in 1905. Thackrey, as well as researchers from UC Davis and other prominent scientists, are uncertain what grape varieties are planted in this vineyard. These experts have attempted vineyard tests without clear conclusions or any connection to known grape varieties.




Bolinas, California



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A gift that redefines ‘one-of-a-kind’

Delicious With

This wine deserves a food pairing as bold as it is. The wine’s flavor is enhanced by warm spices like allspice, cloves, cinnamon, chili pepper, and cocoa. Perfect with a rich mole, great for day-long braised or smoked meats, or savory richly soaked eggplant. Avoid anything too sweet with this wine, as the sweet will cancel out the rich fruit flavors and throw the balance off.

Their Cred

Sean Thackrey is one of the most influential and interesting people in the Bay Area Food and Wine community. He is like the made scientist of wine and wine philosophy. A true sage and makes far more than just wine - it’s bottled wisdom. Since 1980, he has been producing wines that are extraordinary: not only for quality and complexity, but also because he utilizes unique winemaking techniques, often drawing from historic, sometimes ancient, winemaking practices from all over the world. Sean sources grapes from many locations throughout California, and makes all his wines by hand (touching every grape) at his small Bolinas winery. Self-taught, and fully reliant on his intuition and senses, Sean is the antithesis of corporate wine-making.

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