Sant’Or Agiorgitiko

A great entrée in to the world of Greek wine

The idea of Greek wines for us here in the U.S. is romantic, but hard to navigate since we’re not as familiar with the grape varieties and frankly just don’t have access to many of these wines.  We’re happy to share this wine and help you navigate…

Pronounced “ah yor YEE ti ko”, this is one of the most prolific red varieties of Greece. This hard-to-pronounce grape is often called “St. George” for international marketing purposes, and makes some beautiful, easy-drinking, light and medium-bodied wines. If you’re a fan of fruit-driven reds like Pinot Noir or Gamay, this is a good grape to try out. Of Greece’s more than 200 indigenous grape varieties, Agiorgitiko is the most widely planted. This wine is naturally vinified and from organic vineyards in the Peloponnese, southern peninsula of Greece.




Patra, Greece (region in Peloponnese of Southern Greece)



Our Best Advice

Think of this as your new light red

Delicious With

As this is the most widely planted grape in Greece, it naturally pairs with traditional Greek fare. Great with grilled chicken, garlic and herbs, heartier seafood dishes like grilled swordfish, or meat-based dishes like moussaka (a rich tomato-based layered meat dish similar to a lasagna).

Their Cred

Saint’Or wines is located outside the historical 3rd largest Greek city of Patra, and operated by a local grower, Panagiotis Dimitropoulos, who is cultivating his vineyards biodynamically, with no irrigation. The vineyards came to Panagiotis through his father and generations of wine growers. His vision was to continue the family tradition as authentically as possible, and raise awareness of the local indigenous grapes. His wines are based on healthy and rigorous fruit through dry, biodynamic vinification, and wild fermented (using only native yeast strains), with experimentation of aging in clay amphoras, cement, old oak (all of which preserve the natural vibrancy of this grape).

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