Samuel Louis Smith

Samuel Louis Smith Syrah

A fireside wine

What a gorgeous wine! Seriously, we can’t stop swooning. This is a get-in-bed, snuggle-by-the-fire, drink-with-something-from-the-slow-cooker kind of wine. It’s so detailed – from the aromas, the mouthfeel, the memory of this wine on your tongue –  it’s perfection. Not a moment is out of balance, or too rough, or loud. The wine sings a luring song that wraps your body in comfort. It’s the kind of wine you want to escape for when there is too much chaos around – this is order and restraint and elegance at its very best. Only 12.9% alcohol. Only 150 cases made. From Santa Cruz Mountains, where it’s cold and perfect for this kind of subtle Syrah.




Santa Cruz Mountains, California



Our Best Advice

Wear your coziest, bulky sweater while drinking (and eating)

$ 34


Delicious With

Slow-cooker meals on repeat. Just the bottle you want with a warm meal, that warms your soul. Potatoes in pan drippings, a fall-off-the-bone, root vegetable kind of stew. Dress this with a hearty winter green salad, and some peppery pungent cheese to finish. Think Southern France, but the cooler, windy, mountainous parts in the Northern Rhône. This is where wild game is a weeknight meal and wind blows fast and cold across the rugged, mountainous valley. Picture all that, then make your meal and crack this bottle – simply divine.

Their Cred

Sam Smith is the full-time winemaker for Morgan Winery in California and his own label, Samuel Louis Smith (a solo side project.) Sam studied Economics, French, and Spanish at UC Santa Barbara. A nagging desire for wine knowledge and proximity to good surf led Sam to Bordeaux- the perfect place to spend a semester abroad. Coinciding with the iconic vintage of 2009, it opened his eyes to the world of haute cuisine and fine wine. Sam’s wine journey led him to make Pinot Noir in the Willamette Valley and cool-climate Syrah in the Northern Rhône. Then, cutting his teeth as the assistant winemaker for Margerum Wine Company gave him the opportunities to find his own love for cool climate vineyards in the Central Coast of California and define his own winemaking style – restrained, with minimal intervention. This is a tiny project, producing some of the most elegant wines we have come across!  Fun fact – the watercolor paintings, found in black and white on the labels, are Sam’s originals.

The Winter Collection

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