Riding Monkey

Riding Monkey Rosé

It’s what winemakers drink after work

Poolside and watermelon down to the rind. This wine is made by two friends, both winemakers, and reflects their love of good wine and fun times. ‘Riding monkey’ is a term for the rider in a sidecar of a motorcycle – which gives you a good idea of how much fun this wine is. The Grenache grape makes this a beautiful pale strawberry and spice cooler. Goes down dry, yet easy.




Los Alamos, California (1 hour north of Santa Ynez/Los Olivos area)



Our Best Advice

Keep on hand for warm days

Delicious With

Grenache is best when paired with aromatic spices and nightshades like tomato, red pepper, and eggplant. Look to the Mediterranean, Morocco, the Middle East and India for recipe inspiration. A wonderful wine for all sorts of vegetarian fare.

Their Cred

Riding Monkey began as a project between two friends, both winemakers, and their love of good times and motorcycle rides. When it comes to wine, Nick and Dieter share the same belief; the value of wine is only measured by the company you share it with. The term ‘riding monkey’ refers to the rider in the sidecar of a motorcycle. So they both had this crazy idea, got sidecars for their bikes and made some wine – the kind they want to drink. They create premium small batch wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is meant to be enjoyed in the moment and shared with good company. 

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