Podere Erica
La Ghiandaia

Podere Erica La Ghiandaia

A Chianti Classico with pizzazz (and pizza)

This wine is like beautiful bright cranberries jumping from the glass with a little orange peel, and some dried leaves crunching on the forest floor. A great Chianti Classico is the perfect wine to keep in your repertoire a.k.a. the wines you keep on your kitchen counter for “any night.” This one in particular has a bright elegance that we haven’t been able to find in others from the same region. It’s mostly Sangiovese (the main grape variety of the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy) and jumps out of the glass begging to be paired with pizza (or pasta or honestly whatever you are having tonight).


Sangiovese, Caniolo


Tuscany, Italy



Our Best Advice

Pizza wine!!!

Delicious With

Anything with tomato or tomato sauce. A good Chianti (like this one) will have both bight acid and great fruit, so it compliments foods with a similar profile – tart goat cheese, soy sauce, most sauces and reductions, and well-balanced broths with both umami and zip – like Vietnamese Pho or tonkatsu ramen.

Their Cred

Podere Erica is a small biodynamic and organic farm in the heart of the Chianti Classico region. Their organic and biodynamic practices start in the vineyard (no chemical fertilizers, no chemical pesticides or herbicides, or synthetic products) and then continue into the wine cellar where there are no added chemicals and use natural fermentation.  All grapes are hand-harvested. ​

Podere Erica is located in an ideal wine-growing location within the Toscana IGT region - the important geographical denomination from which most of the well-known “Supertuscan” wines come. ​Their wines are all named after the native birds found on the property.

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